Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Most Annoying Coworkers

Quite sometimes I didn't update this blog. For a start, I want to share this quote "In life, when you encounter mean and hurtful people, treat them like sandpaper. No matter how rough they may scrub you, you end up polished and smooth... :)".. well said..

So many things happened but no matter how bad it is.. life has to go on..

Just want to share this article with you all..

by Maui R. Drilon for Yahoo! Singapore

Co-workers are kind of like lovers-you can't live with them, but you can't live without them. They might be, in your eyes, unique-no other office could possibly have a brown-noser as bad as Walter, or an office gossip as horrible as that girl from Finance. Here's some news: EVERY office has them, and they only change in shape, size, and gender.

See which of these people clock in 8 hours with you everyday.

The Whiner
Absolutely NOTHING goes well for this person. If she gets a raise, it's too low. If she's given more vacation leaves, she stresses that she could use more. If given a promotion, she'll spend the next week drowning herself in cocktails, lamenting over all the extra responsibilities she suddenly has. The Whiner also doesn't care whether or not you want to hear about her stoooopid client meeting.

The Oxygen Sucker
Think of it this way: if your office were made up of 21 people, and your company were in a spaceship and you had oxygen good enough for only 20, you would not have second thoughts about kicking him off the ship. What makes him such an oxygen sucker? First off, despite him being in the company years before you, he still really sucks at his job. That, or he doesn't really do his job. Most of his time is spent watching episodes of RuPaul's "Drag Race" on Youtube, and updating his status message on Facebook ("Bench-pressed twice my weight at the gym!"). Seriously, this guy gets paid?

The Floater
If the aforementioned space ship's oxygen tank runs even lower, this is the next guy you'll chuck out the door. Like the Oxygen Sucker, The Floater pretty much gets paid to do-wait, what does he really do?! You see The Floater chatting with co-workers by the water cooler, mixing himself some coffee in the pantry, and he's always present at every meeting. But no one really knows what he's meant to do, what his position is, and why on earth he's still employed in your company!

The Brown-Noser
No one likes a brown-noser...unless it's your ass being kissed. Brown Nosers can be found on both the bottom and the top of the company ladder (how else did they get up there in the first place?)...but nothing sucks more than the Brown Nosers at the top. Bottom feeders can easily be bullied or called out on.

The Procrastinator
She may have been the world's best procrastinator in college who always managed to submit her term papers on time. But when your ass is on the line, last-minute cramming just won't do. Nothing sucks more than having to clock in overtime hours for the nth time this week because she didn't do her part of the job. Makes you wonder if she could pass off as an Oxygen Sucker as well...

The Geriatric
He's seen it all, he knows it all. Of course he does-he was probably working in the company even before you were conceived. Even though half the company complains about how The Geriatric is so not up to date with today's methods and techniques ("I need some more Snowpake,") he's kept around because of that dreaded word: tenure. You're convinced he gets paid ten times your salary to be a living relic of your company.

All Talk, No Action
Putting the word "politics" in "office politics", the All Talk, No Action (let's call him ATNA) guy loves to talk about things like "the future", but never really delivers. Expect a lot of words such as "moving forward", "profits", and "company morale" when this guy opens his mouth. But really, he just likes the sound of his own voice. The ATNA loves to call meetings that don't amount to anything, therefore wasting everyone's time. It's like having to watch the movie "Gigli" every week, only you're paid to do so, so you can't really complain.

The Office Gossip
She's not really that annoying, unless the story she's spinning is about you. What sucks about the Office Gossip is you don't know just how buddy-buddy you should get with her. Be aloof and you won't be in the loop with the latest goss...get too close, and she'd know all your dirty little secrets (which make for perfect blackmail material).