Friday, February 09, 2007

Have A Good Laugh

4 husbands were sitting at the waiting room in a hospital while waiting for their wives birth giving.

Then a nurse came out and told to the first daddy, "congratulation, you got twins!".

"Ohh.. maybe its a coincident" said the daddy. "I am working with the Petronas Twin Towers".

Then another nurse came out and told to the second daddy, "congratulation! you have triplets!"

"Wooow!, this is a coincident too" said the second daddy. ? "I am working for 3M Corporation"

Another nurse came out and told the third daddy,

"Congratulation! Isteri you dapat kembar empat,"

"Alhamdulillah! Maybe this is also a coincident". "I kerja di Four Season Hotel!"

While, the fourth daddy-to-be were in uncontrolled worry.

All the 3 daddies asked him, why are you seems so worry??"

He answered, "I am working with Seven-Eleven!"


NBK466 said...

7 dgn 11 tuh nak kena campur ker?

cikdinz said...

mungkin dia dpt 7 baby girl ngan 11 baby boy.
nih soalan teka-teki nih.....

acik ila said...

kelakar ahh nbk ngan cikdinzz nih..

lagi lawak dari joke yang post kat sini.. muahahaha.. hahahaha..

macam soklan math lak..

cikdinz said...

acik ila modified sket buat jadik teka-teki....heheheheeeee...

meera said...

saje jenjalan ;)