Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chinese man sues wife for being 'ugly'

Unbelievable rite.. ader ke husband sue wife coz she's ugly.. born ugly also is a crime??!!..haizzzss.. why la this thing happened..

Before (left) and after (right) surgery..

London, Oct 27 (ANI): A man from northern China, who divorced and sued his wife for being ugly, earlier this year, has won the case after the court agreed with him. 

According to Fox 31, Jian Feng has been awarded a little under 75,000 pounds by the court, the Daily Mail reported. He win the case some more.. crazy world..

Feng said he took issue with his wife's looks only after the couple's daughter was born. He said that he was taken aback by his daughter's appearance, calling her "incredibly ugly," and saying that she looked like neither one of her parents. The guy really not worth it.. how can he called the baby "incredibly ugly".. so bad.. pity the baby.. I do not have the husband pic.. he must be damn good looking.. 

Feng was so outraged that he initially accused his wife of cheating on him. Faced with the accusation, his wife confessed to spending around 62,000 pounds on plastic surgery that altered her appearance drastically. She had gone under the knife before she met her hubby and never told him about it after they met.  One of the comments which I totally agreed with him.. "This plastic surgery is giving me a headache... I also don't know who is right and who is wrong. Maybe the woman shouldn't have gone plastic in the first place, then she will be able to find the man who truly loves her.."

Feng filed for divorce saying that his wife had deceived him and convinced him to marry her under false pretense. The judge agreed with Feng and awarded him the damages. (ANI)

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