Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Photo Statue of Liberty goes viral

Sila jangan tertipu dengan photo ini yer.. it's fake.. 

This supposed image of Hurricane Sandy over the Statue of Liberty has been proven a fake

As residents along the Eastern Seaboard batten down the hatches in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, a doctored photo of the storm hovering ominously above the Statue of Liberty has started to make the social media rounds.

While it's tempting to believe the Armageddon-style image is the real deal, myth busting website Snopes.com already debunked the photo as skilled manipulation two years ago.

The swirl of dark clouds actually belongs to a much different storm. Back in 2004, photographer Mike Hollingshead captured these impressive shots of a supercell thunderstorm over the Nebraska skies.

Since then, the picture has been used as the go-to Photoshop image for famous storms around the world, including Hurricane Katrina and even summer rumblers across Alberta and Ontario.

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