Monday, October 08, 2012

NTUC fires Assistant Director for racist comments

Nie topik paling panas kat Singapore sekarang nie.. and sungguh hot.. Assistant Director you yang bagi komen berbau perkauman tuh.. bukan kuli pencacai.. nie one step to become Director.. besarkan post tuh.. tapi di sebabkan jari yang sedap mentaip.. badan yang binasa.. nah amek ko..

ari Ahad buat posting kat Facebook.. pepagi senin dah kena buang kerja.. tapi takpe lah kan, I bet she got a lot of money already and for her to find a new one super easy laa.. not like us, have to struggle for everything kan..

Nak tau apa yang di komen sampai di buang kerja dan menjadi kes polis?? haaa sila nengok kat bawah nie.. dia bengang katanya tak cukup rest sebab kat bawah blok ada orang melayu sedang buat kenduri kawen .. ehh tradisi lah tu.. orang melayu kawen bawah blok, tak payah nak kutuk2 bagai.. macam la dia tu baguih sangat.. agaknya dia tak dijemput kot.. tu yang meroyan & panas satu badan.. bila badan tengah hot.. apa lagi tulis lah status yang membahankan diri.. aduhaii Ah Soo nie, memang carik penyakit, kan dah jadi isu hangat, pandai pulak nak mintak maaf.. sorry naik lori.. apo nak buek, nasik dah jadik bubur..  sorry no cure.. damage has been done, dah termaktub kat Facebook, dah tak boleh nak tarik balik.. dah tulis macam2.. remarks yang kurang hajar..bigot.. Full Stop..

Permohonan maaf yang takde maknanya:-

Former NTUC Membership Assistant Director Amy Cheong, who was earlier Monday dismissed from her post for offensive comments she made against Malay weddings, sent the following statement to the media on Monday afternoon, as reported by Channel NewsAsia:

To all I've hurt and offended:

I am terribly sorry to all who were affected emotionally, mentally and in all other aspects. I am aware of the pain I've caused through my insensitive remarks on social media. Please see me as a person offering my most sincere apology.

There was no racism intended in my post. I was trying to rest and the noise was affecting me greatly however I do understand that this is not a valid reason to post what I did. I was wrong and am repentant.

As soon as I realised how it has affected Singaporeans, I promptly took down my post and issued my apology. I apologised through Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, hoping that you could see my immediate genuine regret.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for my mistake.

Yours in repentance,

Amy Cheong

A police report was made against a former NTUC employee over racist remarks posted on Facebook

The Amy Cheong saga… fast, furious, unbridled

Faster than you can say "Amy Cheong", her recently vacated job is up for grabs -- on the same day she was dismissed.

Super efficient on the part of her employers, labour union NTUC? Or maybe a tad insensitive?

In a post that is making its rounds online, local news satire blog The New Nation pointed out how career site, Jobstreet,  began advertising a vacancy for "Assistant Director (Service Quality), Membership" on Monday afternoon -- the same post that Amy Cheong held before her infamous Wedding-Gate post.

Call it the nature of social media or the way news spreads lightning quick in this day and age but that about sums up the Amy Cheong saga.

By Monday morning, Facebook, Twitter and other blog, news and social media sites were lighting up, triggering a firestorm of online and offline reaction to her offensive post.

Consider the timeline of events.
Late on Sunday (07.10.2012) evening: Amy Cheong makes Facebook post
Monday (08.10.2012), around 3amFirst petition calling for Amy Cheong to be fired springs up on Facebook
7am: Her post starts going viral on Facebook, Twitter and social media
9am:  Mainstream, online  media and local blog sites begin to pick up on the story
10am: NTUC chief Lim Swee Say makes first public comment
1030am: Police report filed against Amy Cheong by member of the public
1230pm: NTUC issue statement of Cheong's dismissal
Sometime in the afternoon: Vacant position advertised on Jobstreet
530pm: Amy Cheong issues full statement of apology

Served you right Dol.. Within a space of less than 24 hours, her world has collapsed -- she's lost her job, her career, her reputation and maybe even her friends.  She is also potentially facing criminal charges and a fine or jail time.

It's not the first time, and my guess is it won't be the last.  Earlier this year, two 17-year-olds were also arrested after making racist remarks online.

But this is news in the social media age. Fast, furious and unbridled when unleashed.

So.. for those yang tengah mencarik kerja atau nak bertukar kerja.. nie ada kekosongan untuk di isi.. baru dipostkan di Job Street to fill up bigot position.. =D

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