Thursday, June 29, 2006

Joke For The Week

Tukang urut

Physio was an intelligent boy. After doing a physiotherapy course abroad for 3 years, he returned home and set up a clinic in his hometown.

He asked a designer to make a new name plate to be hung on the wall outside the clinic. The next morning, when he went to his clinic, he was pleased to find that the name plate was already put up.

But he was greatly annoyed by the wordings on the plate : TUKANG URUT. He went to the designer and took him to task.

"How can you insult my profession? 'Tukang Urut' means masseur in Malay. I am a physiotherapist and not a masseur! Make sure you change the name right now! And see that the word is spelt correctly!" Physio said angrily.

The designer apologized and promised to make the amendment immediately. Without further delay, he proceed to change the name but found that the word "physiotherapist' was too long. So he broke it up into three words to make it easier to read.

The next morning, Physio hit the roof when he saw the new name. On the name plate were written : PHYSIO THE RAPIST
Big John Story
One fine day, a bus driver went to the bus garage, started his bus, and drove off along his route. No problems for the first few stops -- a few people got on, a few got off, and things went generally well.

At the next stop, however, a big hulk of a guy got on. Six feet eight, built like a wrestler, arms hanging down to the ground. He glared at the driver and said, "Big John doesn't pay!" and sat down at the back.

Did I mention that the driver was five feet three, thin, and basically meek? Well, he was. Naturally, he didn't argue with Big John, but he wasn't happy about it.

The next day the same thing happened -- Big John got on again, made a show of refusing to pay, and sat down. And the next day, and the one after that, and so forth.

This grated on the bus driver, who started losing sleep over the way Big John was taking advantage of him. Finally he could stand it no longer. He signed up for body building courses, karate, judo, and all that good stuff. By the end of the summer, he had become quite strong -- what's more, he felt really good about himself.

So on the next Monday, when Big John once again got on the bus and said, "Big John doesn't pay!" the driver stood up, glared back at the passenger, and screamed, "Oh yeah? And why not?!"

With a surprised look on his face, Big John replied, "Big John has a bus pass."
Moral of the story

Be sure there really is a problem before working hard to solve it.


NBK466 said...

He.he..he...lawaknyer yg tukang urut tuh... Pepenat jer blajar tinggi2 jadi physotherapist...

acik ila said...

itu lah berlagak sangat terus jadik Physo The Rapist.. muahahaha.. hahahah.. kan dah terkena tu.. :))