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Roslan Aziz - "Mawi, that's a star"

Roslan Aziz - "Mawi, that's a star"
Here is a word for word exclusive interview with judges, Roslan Aziz and Paul Moss – Kak Jee was under the weather but these two had plenty of opinion to go around…

BlueHyppo (BH) First, do you compare the contestants with Jac?
Roslan: Of course she is our winner, the first winner and always the first winner is a benchmark, but the way I look at it is that, we are not looking for another Jaclyn Victor. As a benchmark in singing yes, but if we were looking just for another Jac, then we are being stupid. So this year, we are not looking for that but we are looking for another type of singer. And there are a lot actually. In fact, in terms of singing, maybe they are the same but in terms of charisma, this years contestants are better than Jac.

BH: What does ‘star quality’ mean to you?
Roslan: Star quality is a person who goes on stage and everybody likes already, no need to sing. He or she, people go wahh, that’s what we are also looking for. Last week for the first time I saw AF (Akademi Fantasia), that guy, Mawi, that’s a star. He doesn’t have to sing very well because that competition will develop him, that competition will work him to make him a better singer. But all he needs to do is go on stage and everyone goes wild. That’s a star, handsome, personality. I hope the MI contestants can have that type of charisma. It’s not a package; a package is where its ‘cantik’ (good looks), no we are just talking about nice personality and good talent, only two. There’s no such thing as package, it’s a TV word. I hate this word. No human is perfect. But if you want to be singer, you have to have the charisma, that look and the talent.

Paul: That’s hard. I try to see the way they communicate. Some people you want to know more about them. What’s the combination of likeability and talent?

BH: You have defended contestants from Paul – do you do this because you think this person can go far or because you are protecting his feelings?
Roslan: No, I don’t protect anybody’s feelings. If you in MI, we do not protect anyone because, if you do, then it is almost as if you ‘tipu’ (lie) these people. Why would you protect someone’s feelings and then tell them lies? Certain people if you give them some time, then they can improve some cannot. Paul is my fellow judge and I respect him for what he is doing but he’s made mistakes before in signing people before, so I cannot trust him 100%. I don’t make mistakes about my signings. All my signings are all gold. Above 200,000 sales. So I must always follow my instincts.

BH: Paul, you didn’t get people telling you to go easy on them?
Paul: The most comment I got is that I’m still too easy on them. Some people say I’m still not being very honest but I am. Someone asked me this the other day, “Did I scar some people’s self-esteem from this?” Scar? No. Dented? Yes!

BH: Paul, were you affected by the contestant’s comments? Like when ‘Britney Boy’ said the only thing you do is talk trash about people?
Paul: He was the only person in two years who actually talked back to me. What I said was “Good on him”. I genuinely felt much more respect for that guy for doing that.

BH: First impressions count. Jac stood out last time, who this year has stood out for you?
Roslan: Yes, we had the girl in Penang, the tall one, the Chinese boy; I really like him. The Soliano girl, the bigger one. Last year, we just had Jac…and then the rest. That’s why I was pushing Dina so hard but I know I cannot sign her (because of her MI contract) but as judges; we have to push because we need the show to be more competitive. That’s why I said, “Jac you’re bored lah…then she was in the bottom 3 (laughes), then I panicked!”

BH: What do you think your strength as a judge is?
Roslan: My experience. I look for a contestant singing and then I can feel, ‘Alamak wow’, she or he really caught me, and then I know that person is good. My experience and what I have been through is the most important. I have seen a lot of singers, a lot of types. So I think I can feel that outstanding talent.

Paul: I had been working with local English artistes predominantly. They think differently and sing and write for different reasons. That blend with my own personality and viewpoint. So I always have that international perspective. I like finding people who has the possibility of being an international artiste. It makes me proud to find someone who is like that. Even if the person were a very successful local star, I would really love if we found someone who can really push some boundaries.

BH: Is there any of last year’s contestants whom you are happy to see?
Roslan: Kar Wei, she is a good example of courage and determination. But at the end of the day, what we are looking for is that extra talent. That is the most important thing that you should have to become a singer.

Paul: Kar Wei. Honestly, she sang really well all the way through. But looking at her, she didn’t nail each note that she sang. And you can hear the slight pitching and it doesn’t give you the confidence to let her go and do what she’s doing. And I also knew she was operating at 95% of her ability. And there were others who had shown us real brilliance some time. They may not be as good as her but they’ve shown that they can do much better.

BH: Is there anything you like or don’t like about the other judges?
Roslan: I think it’s a good mix. I love the way Paul judges because it is technical, true and from another perspective. It’s from a person born outside the country so it’s a mat salleh perspective. I like that. And Jee, I like her because she is a pacifier. She is so beautiful that you will just melt. Jee is like a flower. And she’s more confident this year. She’s been in the industry for so long. She’s been in front of the camera for so long. She’s been singing for so long. And she’s such a beautiful woman. I’m the crazy guy there.

BH: Are you guys working better this year?
Roslan: We always work well together. That’s why you can’t see if this is drama or real. We already have an understanding. The beauty of the show is nothing is planned.

BH: Do you ever regret what you say?
Roslan: There are a lot of times I regret I didn’t say the things I meant to say. When you’re in front of the camera, it’s different. That’s why MI has provided me with the experience of live recording. It’s a whole different ballgame. For this show, I try to say something more effective. The thing is, it’s a tough job being a jury. You have to say something live for only 15 seconds. You have to be sharp, effective, witty… If you ask me to sing, I think it’s much easier than giving comments. I’d rather be criticized than to do the criticizing. After all, I’ve been criticized all my life so I’m open to that.

BH: Do you feel like you always have to say something witty or sharp for TV?
Paul: I’ve given up trying to be witty. I can’t. But you have to think in terms of sound bites. It’s got to be short and concise. That can be quite tough. Some of the contestants expect you to give constructive criticism. Like that Michael Jackson guy. Hello! Do you expect us to give you advice on how to further your career? If we did that for every single person who walked through the door, we’ll still be there doing it! It’s ridiculous. How can they possibly expect that? The real good ones, we do try to be a bit constructive. Some of them span such long discussions the production guys are like “Get on with it!”

BH: Are you worried you may have let some talent slip?
Roslan: I’m not worried because if some slip, it’s not their luck.
Paul: Very sure that we didn’t let some slip through.


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