Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why i like mawi?

i'm not gonna list down 10 things about mawi that make him so special.. u know why?? coz i don't have a point to list, pelikkan. It's just like, i like mawi for no reason. but, no la.. mungkin coz of 1st impression, yes.. i like his 1st song "intifada". When i hear it, it's like breathing with the fresh air, dengan air muka bersih nyanyi lagu nasyid.. rasa macam tenang sket hati & i know that he can sing. Start dari situ i like him so much, and it's no turning back dah.. ha..ha..ok.. as compared to the rest, maybe amelya or felix is better.. but better in term of what? singing? voice? amelya & felix, no doubt can sing very good, tapi suara dorang dah banyak dah ada dipasaran.. and they listen to any kind of music, they can imitate others. Tapi mawi cuma dengar some/selection of music je.. mungkin dia dengar all type of music tapi minat sangat dengan music nasyid, dandut and a bit of malay pop kot (i dunno, agak2 saje tu).. that's why everybody macam eager nak dengar mawi nyanyi.. how he sing other song beside nasyid.. so, i'm not so surprise to see his % increase tremendously.. coz i think everybody will think the same.. ermmm.. but, i might be wrong lah.. but i'm so proud of him, dia tak static.. he improve week by week.. so, to whom who really look at the talent only, just think twice.. i'm sure there were always be a room for improvement, and mawi can do it..Af is not about a talent.. it's about the likeable person.. as what iman wan said.. so, for me that's the reason..

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