Monday, October 03, 2005

Esplanade Singapore - 8th September 2005

It's quite sometime i've not posted any news to this blog. For the whole of September, i was quite occupied with all sort of things.. my wedding, course and company trip. I have no rest at all, and i felt soooo tired. Anyhow.. i save a bit of energy to do a little posting.. On 06th September, 2005, i went to Singapore (my hubby's house) for one week. While i was there, my internet friend - Siti Mahanee a.k.a Nenek Gempak (she is very the Gempak one) showed me around, and we went to Esplanade. It was a very nice place... I enjoyed myself with taking a lot of picture. One of the picture we're not suppose to snap was the exhibition drawing.. and we called it forbidden picture..