Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Singaporean Dictionary

1) LILY - adverb. Extremely, really
"Wah, you lily can sing well ah!"
2) VALLEY - adverb. extremely (same with lily)
"Look! My Versachee belt, valley nice hor?"

3) GORGES - adj. stunningly beautiful, normally found with valley "Wah!
Ah Beng's girlflan is valley gorges leh!"

4) CORAL - verb. to bicker
"Why, you not happy, ah? Want to coral, is it?"

5) REEF - (normally followed with coral) to argue ! with
"You lily want to coral reef me ah?"

6) ALTITUDE - adjective. a disagreeable demeanour
"Ah Lian lily got a bad altitude ploblem".

7) CIRRUS - adjective. certain
"You cirrus or not? Dun bruff!"

8) CANOPY - phrase. impossible
"He bought new hand phone? Canopy lah! Where got money?"

9) OLDLADY - adjective. completed
"Wah...you finish oldlady ah."

10) SUIT - verb. to project forward
"Suit! Suit! See goalkeeper come out

11) SOW - verb. to reveal
"Sow me, sow me your new ting."

12) LOAD - noun. a path normally made up of gravel & tar
"We go Orchard Load leh."

13) BLINK - verb. deliver, send
"What you blink for me? Sow me, sow me."


NBK466 said...

Acik ni Singapolean meh? Manyak pandai ciakap itu Singapo punya mahasa....

acik ila said...

mana adaa mehh... hubby jugak asal sana maaa.. hehe.. hehehe..