Friday, March 10, 2006

What Is A True Friend

What is a True Friend?
A true friend is someone special
Not many people possess
A true friend is warm and tender
And comforting in their caress.

A true friend is always by your side
If only in your thoughts
A true friend is there for you willingly
And come free, they're never bought.

A true friend is someone who listens
And hears what you have to say
A true friend is never judgemental
And stays with you come what may.

A true friend will love you always
In them you can confide
A true friend will greet you lovingly
With opens arms so wide.

A true friend your cherish dearly
Feeling grateful for their love
A true friend is very special
A blessing from above.

A true friend will feel your presence
Whether near or far
A true friend I hear you question
Who is my freind?
You are!


sya said...

Kak sya setuju.. a true friend is a blessing from above.

acik ila said...

itu le kak sya..betul amat tuh.. kalau dapat kawan sejati yang boleh dipercayai, tak payah ramai, sorang pun dah cukup.. itu pun dikira pemberian yang terindah dari yang maha Esa :D..